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August 18, 2006

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August 17, 2006

New review on Lives and dramas about Scrubber Fox

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SCRUBBER FOX Ruffled Muffle (Musikexperience Recordings)

Id already played Ruffled Muffle once or twice, and it was well on track to be featured on the site when I decided it was time to step back. The first impression had been very good. The scope of this album is rather impressive, and Wigans Gary Naylor, whos first release was on Skams Skam Cats compilation, and who has been seen officiating as part of Manchesters Hippocamp collective, collects here sixteen tracks of clean-cut electronica built around razor-sharp hip-hop infused beats. With influences including anyone from Curve, Nine Inch Nail and Ministry to DJ Shadow, Plaid, Chris Clark and Squarepusher to name but a fraction, it is hardly a surprise that Naylors first long player scans so many different moods and encompasses such a wide range of styles, from urban techno to shards of jazz to soulful electronica to whatever else was catching his mind that day. The result is a rather playful collection of imaginative little vignettes assembled without real master plan to provide a thread throughout. Yet, the lot feels rather consistent. If the programming sometimes appear to take precedent over the music itself, it also contributes in the vast majority of the tracks presented here to feel very individual. Here, Naylor blends just about everything thats marked him in any way during his formative years and comes up with something thats at once radical, accessible and overall rather unique. There are the odd nod to Aphex Twin, Squarepusher or ยต-ziq to be found along the way, but Naylor uses them as simple reference points to consolidate his own musical reach.